Bitcoin Bootcamp


Last Wednesday the London Bitcoin meetup held an inaugural Bitcoin Focus event at Alpha Beta, situated right between "Tech City" and the City of London.

The event brought together a good mixture of Bitcoin enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

I presented "Bitcoin Bootcamp", an introduction to Bitcoin covering the history of Bitcoin, mining, wallets and future possibilities. We also manage to give away 1 Bitcoin to 10 lucky people who tweeted a Bitcoin address @Blockspin!

All the talks were recorded by the fantastic IamSatoshi, here's mine including Q&A afterwards:


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Bitcoin Focus


We're delighted to be presenting "Bootcamp" at Bitcoin Focus this evening.

Bitcoin Focus is a new spinoff meetup organised by Iain and Paul who arrange the monthly London Bitcoin meetup. It is being hosted at Alpa Beta, a brand new building situated right between the City of London and Tech City / Silicon Roundabout.

This should draw an interesting crowd of technologists and finance professionals, perfect for an event all about the future of money!

While we will be presenting an introduction to Bitcoin, CoinDesk are providing drinks sponsorship, so thanks must go to them for facilitating an even better event!

Full timetable:


Doors open and time to network


Bitcoin Bootcamp

- presented by Darragh Browne of Bitcoin start-up @Blockspin

To kick things off,  and for newcomers to the bitcoin space, Darragh will present the fundamental workings of the Bitcoin protocol before moving on to the less obvious features and potential use cases that...

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BlockNotify - Bitcoin Notifications


We have recently released BlockNotify, a free notification and transaction tracking service for Bitcoin addresses:

BlockNotify can watch any Bitcoin address and send out notifications in the form of emails or HTTP callbacks.

Notifications can be triggered if Bitcoins are deposited or withdrawn from a particular address. We allow for notifications based on 0 - 6 confirmations, where 0 is an instant notification of unconfirmed transactions and 1 - 6 is the number of new blocks that a particular transaction has been included in.

Developers can use BlockNotify’s webhooks to listen for activity on specific addresses and trigger in-app activity without having to run their own Bitcoin node. also has a dashboard for each address to view deposit and withdrawl transactions, just like an online bank statment.

What can I use BlockNotify for?

  • Monitor transaction activity for accounting purposes
  • Watch precious addresses to ensure you keep track of activity on them
  • Provide...
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We're Blockspin


Hi, we're Blockspin and we're a Bitcoin ideas factory. We're based at Google Campus in London, UK and were recently at the Bitcoin2013 conference in San Jose, where we met lots of incredible innovators in the Bitcoin space.

Who we are

Blockspin was founded by Darragh and Richard, between us we previously founded and run a startup called Carbon Calculated, a web agency and a recruitment company. We've built lots of different projects in the past, but are now working full-time on building apps on top of Bitcoin.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you; just email hello(at)

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